Listing Agreement

This listing agreement is incorporated into and is made a part of the digital or written advertising agreement between you (“Property Manager”) and Cleveland Apartment Finders ("CAF").

Terms of Agreement. This is a non-exclusive listing agreement. You may continue to advertise your property anywhere you wish. This agreement has no set term and you may remove your property listings at anytime without any additional costs or penalties for doing so. There is no fee if you rent your apartment(s) on your own. You are free to use any other means to continue to try to rent your apartment. CAF only charges a fee if the tenants referred by CAF are accepted and sign a lease.

Reported Lease. Property Manager will pay to CAF the specified lease success fee for each "Reported Lease," which means a situation where a renter: (1) Finds your property advertised on the CAF website (the "Website"). (2) Enters into a lease agreement for a unit in the property. (3) Reports that lease to CAF.

The Lease Success Fee is equivalent to half of one month’s rent. CAF will pay a $100.00 reward to the tenant when the tenant reports their lease.

Fees. Again, there is no upfront or monthly fee for you to advertise your property on the Website. You will be obligated to pay CAF a lease success fee equal to half of one month’s rent per reported lease. CAF must receive the lease success fee within 30 days of the date the lease agreement was signed. If the fee is not received, CAF reserves the right to permanently suspend, remove and permanently delete any and all property listings from the CAF site. Property Manager's with delinquent accounts assume the costs for collections plus 1.5%.

Gift Card/Reward Policy. In the CAF Gift Card/Reward Policy, CAF directs renters to tell the property they found them on the CAF Website and encourages them to write CAF as their referral source on guest cards and/or lease applications. This is one of many ways for the parties to confirm lease validity. However, it is not the only evidence that can establish that the renter found the property on CAF. Accordingly, even if CAF is not noted as the source, you may remain liable for the Fee if there is other reasonable evidence (such as tracking data or a renter submitted reported lease) that the renter found the property on the CAF Website. Renters who report a lease agreement to CAF will be eligible for a $100.00 reward paid by CAF.

Early Termination Credit. If within 90 days after the start of the term of a Reported Lease, the Renter breaks the lease or is evicted for any reason (unless the entire lease term is less than 90 days), the Fee will be reduced to 50% of the original Reported Lease Fee, and the difference between the Fee paid by the property for such Reported Lease and the newly reduced Fee will be credited toward the Fees coming due in the next 30 day pay period. Otherwise, CAF will have no obligation to credit or return any portion of a Fee.

General. CAF reserves the right to change these fees at any time with 30 days notice by notifying Property Manager and posting those changes on the CAF website; however, no notice will be required for a reduction in fees. CAF may choose to temporarily change this Fees and Credits Policy and the fees for services provided for promotional events, and such changes are effective when CAF posts the temporary promotional event on the site. CAF maintains sole discretionary right to change some or all of its services at any time. In the event that CAF introduces a new service, the fees for that service are effective at the launch of the service, upon Property Manager’s authorization. All fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars. Property Manager is responsible for paying all fees associated with using the CAF service and with using CAF’s Website, and for following all applicable taxes and laws.

Release of Liability. CAF does not guarantee the qualification of the Renter in any way. It is the responsibility of Property Manager to qualify and approve or decline any and all potential renters referred by CAF. It is agreed that CAF will be held harmless for any and all damages and liabilities arising from the acceptance or rejection of any potential renters referred by CAF.

CAF does not list real estate for sale or lease, does not provide brokerage services, does not act as referral agents, and do not receive referral fees. CAFis an advertising portal and any and all fees related to properties displayed in relation there to are ADVERTISING FEES ONLY.CAF does not offer legal services nor real estate sales or leasing representation. By using this website, the advertiser of any property on the Website, and/or with CAF, indemnifies and warrants that the advertiser has the legal right to advertise, sell and/or lease said property, to enter into a contract related to the advertisement, sale and/or lease of said property, and/or to represent individuals in entering into a contract related to the advertisement, sale and/or lease of said property.

By using this site to advertise real estate for sale or lease, you are affirming that you are either the property owner, Property Manager or that you are licensed by any and all appropriate authorities to conduct such activities, enter into such agreements and agree to indemnify and hold harmless CAF for same.

Acceptance. By checking the 'I agree' checkbox below, using the CAF website and continuing, Property Manager is hereby accepting this agreement in its entirety. Upon accepting this agreement, CAF is released of all liability with landlord, tenant and other parties affiliated with the Property Manager and/or CAF referrals. You are hereby stating that you are able to sign agreements on behalf of Property Manager and hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.